Purchase Order Approved Vendors and Custom Merchandise

As part of a competitive strategic sourcing event that included a cross-functional committee of key departmental stakeholders, preferred supplier agreements were established with seventeen (17) firms to provide commercial printing and related services. The committee identified the final cohort for its ability to deliver the best quality, service, and overall value to the institution.

Full Vendor List (PDF)

If an RSO wants to order customized merchandise, they MUST let their RSO Advisor know and they MUST follow the steps below:

  • Email the Mercury Promotions representatives who help with UChicago orders and describe what you want to order
  • Once your RSO has a final Quote for the order, submit it with a Purchase Request on Blueprint.
  • IF Mercury cannot fulfill your order and they explicitly state that in an email, please forward it to your RSO Advisor for further instructions on seeking another vendor.
  • IF Mercury’s price is too high for your RSO, you can get an estimate from another vendor. If the other vendor offers a better price, you MUST send it to Mercury and ask if they can match the lower price. If Mercury explicitly states they cannot match the lower price in an email, forward that email to your RSO Advisor for further instructions on how to proceed with the cheaper vendor.

Other Products/Services For Which You MUST Use an Approved/Specific Vendor:

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