Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders are used to pay for goods and services directly so that you do not need to pay out of pocket.  The Center for Leadership and Involvement provides a list of Approved Vendors with whom the University has a formal agreement and can be issued a Purchase Order in lieu of an up-front payment. 


The Process:

  1. After selecting an Approved Vendor, call and place your order.  Make sure you let them know you are from the University of Chicago, the name of your RSO, and that you intend to pay with a Purchase Order.
  2. Ask them to fax you a quote or an invoice.
  3. Submit the invoice/quote with a Purchase Request in Blueprint.
  4. If the paperwork is in order a PO will be faxed to the company.
  5. Once the the PO is issued you should follow up with the company to confirm their receipt of the PO and all the details of your order.
  6. After the goods/services are received/rendered make sure that an invoice has been supplied to the Financial Office.

What to submit:
To issue the Purchase Order: A quote or an invoice.
To issue the check: An invoice.

Notes on avoiding Purchase Order pitfalls

  • Please pick a vendor from the vendor list before attempting to use any other company. If for some reason the vendors on our list do not supply the items/services needed, you MUST check with your Advisor before proceeding.
  • While a quote will suffice to issue the Purchase Order, the company will never see payment unless an invoice is provided to the Financial Office. If you receive an invoice from your Purchase Order please pass it along to the Financial Operations Office.

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