Payments (University Checks)

The University can pay for goods and services directly.  These payments are typically for companies/individuals who expect payment up-front or who are willing to bill you and receive payment later.  Keep in mind that it takes two weeks to issue these payments, so be sure to plan ahead if the company needs payment up-front.

What to submit: Varies depending on the type of expense.

Simple Purchases are items that are purchased with no customization or service included. For these an invoice is all that is required. Tournament/Conference entry fees also fall in this category.

Rental or Service Payment from a Corporation: An invoice must be supplied along with the W-9 Form and the Independent Contractor Questionnaire (included in the W-9 Packet).

Rental or Service Payment from an Individual: An invoice must be supplied along with the W-9 Form and the Independent Contractor Questionnaire (included in the W-9 Packet). In addition to the Questionnaire, the vendor must supply a list of 3 to 5 clients other than the University of Chicago for whom they have provided similar service. The list should include names and contact info.

Honorarium or Performer Payment: An invoice or contract must be supplied along with the W-9 Form.

Foreign Payments: Payments to foreign companies and individuals require the W-8 packet instead of the W-9, and may require other complex documentation. You MUST speak with your advisor and the Financial Operations Office before securing any services from a foreign individual, as you may not be able to pay them.

Notes on avoiding Payment pitfalls

  • Printing services CANNOT be paid in this way unless some other service such as layout or binding is itemized on the invoice. Printing should be paid via a Purchase Order, and an Approved Vendor should be used.
  • Invoices MUST list the company’s address.
  • Please review our Contracts and Third-Party Agreements page before bidding for or entering any contracts with speakers, performers, or service providers.
  • For any service, you should obtain all the necessary tax forms and documents before the service is provided. This is especially important for paying foreign individuals. There are many cases when tax law prohibits paying a foreign individual, and we need to have that figured out before services are rendered.

Payment Documentation



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