New Reimbursement Process

Reimbursements are the basic transaction for an RSO.  An RSO member will make a purchase for the group, and then will be compensated via a check or direct deposit from the University.  The funds are directly deducted from your RSO account.

New Process for Receiving Reimbursement Payments

Students can now receive reimbursements as a direct deposit through the University’s Workday System.

How will it work?

  • Submit your reimbursements through Blueprint using the same process.
  • Then, Shared Services will send each student an email with directions on setting up a direct deposit and pay dates for their reimbursement check once their reimbursement request has been submitted. 
  • Reimbursements will be distributed per the University’s Payroll Pay dates.

Additional Notes

  • All students should make sure their information is correct in Workday. Students will receive a check if they do not set up a direct deposit and they will be mailed to the address listed in Workday (student’s registered address). 
  • If you have original receipts to drop off please be sure to write the Purchase Request # on the receipt and deposit it in the door safe on RC 003. Receipts should be put in an envelope.  The door safe will damage the receipts.
  • If anyone has any questions please email Jimmy Brown,

Reimbursable Purchases

What can you pay for out of pocket and be reimbursed for with RSO Funding?

  • GOOD: Stamps, food, art materials, fabric, office supplies, & photocopying

  • CERTAIN FEES: Tournament Entry Fees, Conferences, & Registration fees

  • PERSONAL TRAVEL EXPENSES: rental cars, Hotel room charges, bus fare, Cab fare, tolls, & Mileage (not Charter Busses OR Rental car insurance).

Non-Reimbursable Purchases


  • Examples are Catering (with paid staff), Engraving, screen printing, web design, printing, bus charter, a/v rental, teaching/instruction, graphic design, lecturing, coaching, editing, producing, cd/film duplication, banner making, musical performance, DJ services, rentals.
"A New Reimbursement Process" Graphic

Supporting Documents For Reimbursements

The Process: 
*Make your purchases and don’t hesitate to use a Tax-Exempt form to save a few dollars.
*Check that your purchase will be reimbursable.

What to submit: varies depending on what type of paperwork you have to verify the expense.

Original printed receipts should be submitted to the Financial Operations Office (RC 006) after your Purchase Request has been approved.

*A receipt shows payment. If your receipt does not reflect payment then it is a ticket, not a receipt, and requires further documentation.

Original printed tickets that do not show proof of payment should be submitted with a bank/credit card statement or, if paid for in cash, a Back-Up Documentation form signed by the individual being reimbursed.

Handwritten Receipts should be accompanied by a Back-Up Documentation form if paid in cash or by a bank/credit card statement if the items were paid for with credit or by check.

*Notes on avoiding reimbursement pitfalls*

  • Always put the full, legal name of the individual being reimbursed. (Please do not use nicknames)
  • Always supply the University of Chicago email address for student reimbursement.
  • Always submit original receipts; Partial photocopies are never sufficient.
  • Complete the event date and number of people boxes on the Purchase Request.
  • For food expenses for fewer than 11 people, you must provide the full names of all the people who were present.
  • Always complete the entire Purchase Request.
"Supporting Documents for Reimbursement" Graphic

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